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Enhanced Recovery Protocol after Cosmetic Surgery

Anesthesia techniques that help you recover faster

At Newport Center for Special Surgery, we know that every detail about your cosmetic surgery is important. Our Enhanced Recovery Protocol starts with both your surgeon and anesthesiologist performing a thorough evaluation of  your health history and then fine tuning medications to prepare for the procedure.  Your anesthesia doctor will be happy to meet you in person before the day of surgery to explain and review the details of the care plan. On the day of surgery, you will be given antibiotics well before surgery to help reduce infection.  Anesthesia techniques will be used to help keep you warm and reduce both pain and nausea.  Techniques will be used to help you sleep well with anesthesia but still wake up quickly with a clear head.  Before and after surgery we will repeatedly and carefully instruct you on the details you will need to follow at home to make your recovery smooth and safe.

Good Anesthesia

Research Shows Your Doctor is Important

Not all anesthesiologists are alike in their training and anesthesia techniques. It stands to reason that these differences can make for different patient results after surgery.  In fact, recent research at the University of Michigan looked at over a million major surgeries and found that complication rates varied threefold between low and high performing anesthesiologists.  So why would you ever want to leave your anesthesia to luck of the draw, when at NCSS, you can meet and review your anesthesiologist in person before the day of surgery, review your medical history, and customize your anesthesia plan to help make for a safe anesthesia experience.

Meet H. Rand Scott, MD

Chief of Anesthesia, Newport Center for Special Surgery

Dr. H. Rand Scott is a board certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years anesthesia and pain management experience.  He is proud to have graduated from the Pennsylvania State University where he was a member of the 1982 National Champion football team. He went on the medical school and anesthesiology training at Penn State as well.  Dr. Scott has twice been named a "Physician of Excellence" by his peers at the Orange County Medical Association.   Dr. Scott believes in the golden rule of treating people how you want to be treated.

Local Anesthesia that Lasts All Day

Exparel is a New Form of Targeted Non Narcotic Pain Control

At Newport Center for Special Surgery, we offer a new form of local anesthesia that can reduce your post-operative pain during that critical first 24 hours after surgery.  Your plastic surgeon can inject this long lasting numbing medicine directly into the surgical site during the procedure when you are asleep.  When you wake-up, this numbing medicine will be working to reduce your post surgical discomfort so you can walk and breathe more easily.  Studies have shown that Exparel local anesthetic injection can reduce the amount of opioid pain pills needed after surgery, and thus can reduce opioid medication related side effects such as nausea, dizziness, constipation and itchiness after plastic surgery.  This exiting technology does require prepayment before your surgery.

The Day of Surgery

What happens when I arrive at the Surgicenter?

You will be taken back to your private pre-op room.  To respect privacy and reduce infection risk, your spouse may be allowed to accompany you. but no one else.  You will meet your surgical team, including your Anesthesiologist, recovery nurse and your surgeon.  We will confirm your identity, and the surgery to be done.  The anesthesiologist will review your medical history, and update any consents.  The nurse will record your vital signs,.  We will place an intravenous line, most likely in the back of your hand.  You may be given antibiotics, pain medications, and anti-nausea medications.  Your surgeon will mark the surgical area, review your surgical plan, and answer any questions. You walk into the operating room, where monitoring devices such as a blood pressure cuff, oxygen sensor, EKG, and other devices will be placed.  Once you are comfortable, you are ready for anesthesia. See Anesthesia FAQ's for more information about anesthesia and your plastic surgery.

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We know one of your biggest concerns about plastic surgery is your anesthesia. At the Newport Center for Special Surgery, safety is our first concern.  Thus we have developed the Rest-Assure anesthesia program.  With Rest-Assure, you will be offered a face to face consultation weeks or days ahead of your surgery with the very same board certified anesthesiologist Doctor who will take care of you the day of your surgery.  Your personal anesthesia Doctor will discuss your anesthesia options, review your pre and post operative instructions and develop a custom anesthetic plan for you. Our patients find this consult removes much of the uncertainty about their anesthesia experience.


Rest-Assure also means you will be offered a plan to minimize post operative pain and nausea. Our Rest-Assure program has consistently allowed our plastic surgery patients to have lower pain and nausea rates than seen in national benchmark data.

Expert Anesthesia Care for Your Plastic Surgery

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