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Before & After: Dr. Fink

Prolific Face-lift Expert

Thousands of face-lifts performed over a venerated career

Newport Faces Cosmetic Surgery: About Dr. Fink

Newport Faces Cosmetic Surgery: About Dr. Fink

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Dr. Fink has specialized in minimally invasive procedures and facial plastic surgery for over two decades with the goal of providing a personalized approach to meeting patients’ expectations, reducing the signs of surgery, and returning rather than altering his patients’ original, youthful look. Dr. Fink established Newport Faces in Orange County, California, as a cornerstone of quality and personalized treatment, which is why he offers complimentary consultations prior to surgery in order to understand exactly what facial features you feel are affecting your ability to be your best. Dr. Fink has developed an outstanding reputation and satisfaction rating from his patients, and respect from his peers for his level of detail and care. Over the years, Dr. Fink has performed thousands of face lifts, mini-face lifts and neck lifts under local anesthesia, as well as non-invasive procedures such as Botox, chemical peels, and sun damage removal.

Dr. Fink

Dr. Stephen Fink specializes in minimally invasive procedures done under local anesthesia using state of the art techniques.  Decades of experience have gone into each aspect of Dr.Fink’s face lift, mini-face lift, neck lift, botox, chemical peel, and sun damage removal procedures. Dr. Fink knows how important it is that his patients have a natural and youthful appearance after their surgery, without having the ‘the look’ of someone who had surgery.

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