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Before & After: Dr. Toohey

Groundbreaking Research: Breast Augmentation

Thomas D. Toohey, MD -

Thomas D. Toohey, MD -

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Dr. Thomas Toohey has been on the forefront of development and research in the plastic surgery community with the specialization of breast augmentation, breast reduction, and the famous tummy tuck. Most recently, Dr. Toohey has taken it upon himself to work alongside some of the world's best medical research groups to investigate the long term-performance of differing breast implants. The purpose of this current study is to collect additional post-approval clinical data on the long-term performance of MemoryShape and MemoryGel Breast Implants, as indicated for primary or revisional breast augmentation and primary or revisional breast reconstruction.


Dr. Toohey

Thomas D. Toohey, M.D. was raised in Hawaii along with his two brothers and two sisters. He moved to Southern California at age 12, went to Ucla, UCIrvine, and UCDavis.  He married his childhood sweetheart and together, he and his wife Nancy have 7 children. Dr. Toohey lives in Newport Beach, is an avid athlete, and truly enjoys the art and craft of Plastic Surgery. He has been in the same location for 20 years, doing what he loves best... Combining art, science and dexterity of hand to make you happy or happier.

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